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Wow. What a wonderful gift to give a child.
It's saying 'I Love You' - over and over and over and over and over again.

Online BabySign!

ONLINE BABYSIGN is an accessible, fun, way to learn how to sign with your baby or toddler at home.  This is an ONLINE MEMBERSHIP SITE which supports and enhances your baby signing journey.

A 'must have' parenting tool, you can get started with babysigning completely free and continue at your own pace.  With easy-to-access video resources and a wealth of background knowledge, you’ll be creating a lifetime of special moments to cherish and enjoy with your child.

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You may have come across baby signing before, or you might be trying to find out more about it. In brief, it is the use of gesture (or sign), in conjunction with speech, to enable young children to communicate what they may need or want, to their parents and other carers, before speech begins.

The results are incredible - calm, confident children who generally have better language acquisition at an earlier age. 

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Little Signers Club

Little Signers Club is a leading provider of baby and toddler signing classes in the UK.

We have a reputation for providing expertly taught, quality British Sign Language signing classes and training throughout the country.

Little Signers Club is unique in its focus; how signing compliments communication development, enhances responsive parenting and increases spoken ability, impacting on self esteem and confidence. 

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