Why use BabySign Online?

Online BabySign is for parents and Early Years professionals who:

  • want to get started with basic signing - how, what, when and why. 
  •  wish to add to their knowledge of signing, quickly and simply.
  •  would like a visual reminder of signs taught in classes. 
  •  want expert tutorials and information about the benefits of signing.
  •  have an interest in supporting communication development for young children.
  •  want to reduce frustration, tantrums and upset.
  •  would like to enhance responsive care giving.

Our signing programme is unique and has been developed in stages to best meet the needs of you and your child. Underpinning our programmes are decades of expertise in communication, signing, psychology and parenting.  At the very least you will have a great deal of fun - but, with a little effort, we'll guarantee that you will gain a confident, more communicative child who can let you know what they need.

Little Signers Club has always been committed to delivering the very best signing classes that you can attend.  And if you can get to a class, we'd always recommend that you go along - it is the very best way to learn. However, we know that not everyone can get to our expertly taught classes and so we've put together some of our most popular signs, nursery rhymes and top tips in a series of easy baby and toddler online signing programmes to support your signing journey  - wherever you are.  

Online BabySign is a wonderful system that can be applied to signing anywhere in the world.  The signs themselves are BSL but the background and expert information you'll get as part of your chosen programme can be applied to any sign language dialect.

Online BabySign offers:

  •  Cost effective** introduction to using baby signing
  •  Easy-to-use video tutorials complete with written intructions and observations from our expert team
  •  Why signing is a natural and important part of normal speech development
  •  Exclusive downloads and privileged content
  •  Discover what babies may do as they start to get to grips with signing for themselves
  •  Easy to grasp programmes which can be accessed in different steps to suit your signing journey and childs needs
  •  Recommendations for signs to concentrate on at various ages 
  •  Programmes that are supported by decades of experience and research

NB: British Sign Language usage varies throughout the country and signs shown here may differ to those that you already know and use. At Little Signers Club we use the simplest signs possible for babies and toddlers to get to grips with and may also offer alternatives.

**when compared to the cost of babysigning courses 

Online BabySign

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