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How to find Signing Classes

There is no official regulation of the baby signing industry but there are some great teachers with excellent classes available nationwide. Good class providers have experience or training in communication development and knowledge about how to use signing with young children to its greatest advantages.

Find a Class

It is very important to make sure that you are taking classes with a company that is focused on enhancing communication development and provides well trained, supportive teachers.

For the best classes make sure that your teacher holds a qualification that supports their teaching such as:

  •  BSL level 1 / level 2 or up
  • Makaton equivalent
  • Communication Development Training such as that from ICAN or ELDP
  • Speech and Language Therapy qualification(s)

Many teachers have childcare qualifications and experience with small children; whilst these are incredibly supportive for signing classes, it does not mean that the teacher has any previous signing experience or training.

  •  Pick a class that is developmentally appropriate for your child; most companies will offer separate classes for babies up to crawlers / crawlers to toddlers / pre-schoolers.
  • Visit the teacher and the class, talk to other parents there.
  • Smaller class sizes are desirable; you learn more if you can hear and see what the teacher is communicating to you.
  • Some companies offer free taster sessions where you can go and meet your teacher first – take advantage of this to ask any questions you may have.
  • Do other local parents and / or professionals recommend the classes?
  • BSL stands for British Sign Language - not baby sign language.  

Find a Class

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